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Have you not thought about Installing a CCTV Security System, yet?

What is CCTV? For some this isn’t something new but for some, yes, it is something new or is something that has not heard about before.

CCTV (Closed Circuit television) is a SECURITY SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM that the modern day world is using more than yesterdays, in addition to the Human Security Forces and other strategic methods of the countries, inland Departments, Institutions, offices that were already established. And we can see that there is a trend or people shown interests to use this security system for the institutions or  companies, entities established long before, newly established or to be established.

Why ‘installing a CCTV system’ has become very important or useful compared to the days of gone by days? Is it because CCTV is one of the babies of the Modern advanced Technology or is it because it is  a security system proven high accurate, good, satisfactory results, yet to be analyzed. We believe that day by day, the systems of working, societies of all levels, becoming highly
competitive and complex. To address any direct or indirect issues arising or arose as a result of that ‘complexities   or competitiveness’, ‘CCTV is a solution, we recommend.

Let’s begin to understand the importance of installing or having such a system, starting from your ‘home’ that your loved ones are residing.

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We will be the innovative service provider in supporting organizations and individuals whose aspirations preserve for greater success and productivity of their industries.

Developing best team and working culture , we will deliver trustful service association to achieve best client relationship as well as   excellent customer service keeping the social responsibility at a high level.

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Special prices will be offered for bulk purchase of network accessories, CCTV cameras etc. Installers can be registerd with us for special purchasing price. Please send your company name and BR copy or NIC copy via colombonet@live.com

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We are selling products all are brand new and under warranty (a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary within a specified period of time.) Customers can keep the trust on our services and products of sale at high level. Best and genuine client relation is our policy with the quality of service.

Our Policy and Service
Local Area Networking

Usually calls as LAN. Now a days wireless network has implemented in most companies. But still most reliable and cost effective way of networking is wired UTP.  All the network elements and its subsystems are installed according to the standards as an infrastructure of the building, this is called structured cabling. If your business requirement is very critical and need healthy networking of computers, we recommend setup wired network plus wireless internetworking module in to your location.
Trouble free network setup is not so easy. At the first time of the installation it needs to test the possible scenarios of the failures and users behavior. Solution can be implemented and developed according to the business requirement.
Computers, laptops, printers, finger scanners are mainly attached to the network. Routers, Switchers, Printer servers are main elements of the network.
Type of the brand, warranty and quality most important in setup of local area wired and wireless network.

Cable Types

UTP & STP Category 5 (Cat 5e) and category 6 (Cat 6e) cables are using mostly with this network cabling. Shielded twisted pair and unshielded twisted pair cables are same in twist but shield around the cable pairs. Normally UTB can transmit data about 100m theoretically and STP less than that. Interference minimizations and grounding purpose STP are better. Cat 6 can transmit more distance than cat 5 cables. But in a small area of networking requirement, cat 5 better enough.


RJ 45 cat 5 or cat 6 connectors are used to terminate the cables. Proper crimping tools to be use to crimp the connectors otherwise the connectivity may be a problem. There are many brands in the market and selection is up to you.

Network Elements

Routers, Switches and PCs are main network elements in a local area network. The main function of the router is to connect the network in to the internetwork and wide area network. Broadband DSL or ADSL routers are used to setup local area network and connect to the internet. High end VPN routers are used for large scale of network management in a company.

Switches are interconnected all the local machines and keep collision domain.  Switches are in many varieties such as 5 ports, 8 ports, 16 ports, 24 ports, 48 ports etc. There are low cost desktop switches in modern market.  PoE switches are used to transmit data and power in same time. But these are little bit of costly.

Colombo Net Solutions established in 2010 and start work with creative & innovative professional team.We always monitor the new market trend in telecommunication & IT field to deliver the best results up to the end user.
The Company
Colombo Net Solutions registered under W93613 in 2010. We are expanding our engineering service and best practices to the nation. We deliver service  of computer networking, cctv, back office service solutions and branded equipment selling to the dealers.Web based service development, busines software solutions, web radio services, digital marketting such as sms promotions, web interface designing are our value added services.
Colombo Net Solutions
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